About us


Stakeholders of MEOR at the opening launch service in April 2016

Our ecumenism in Rome

Since 1955, a British Methodist Minister has been stationed at the Ponte Sant`Angelo Methodist Church in Italy`s capital, Rome, to act informally as a link with the ecumenical work of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, a body of the Catholic Church. Since 2014, a more formal arrangement has been put in place.

In April 2016, a service of dedication of the new Methodist Centre and the launch of the Methodist Ecumenical Office Rome (MEOR) followed by a Papal Audience marked a significance development of the ecumenical work at Ponte Sant` Angelo.

The Centre

MEOR has opened a centre for ecumenical, educational and cultural use. The opportunity to engage with ecumenical partners in Rome, our proximity to the Vatican and our links with the Anglican Centre and with those engaged in mission projects (e.g. Mediterranean Hope and the Sant`Egidio Community) enables the Centre to be a good base for reflection on contemporary mission and ministry in an ecumenical context.


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